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Ben Woodward

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Ben Woodward

Ben grew up in the small suburban town of Halesowen in the UK and graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2014 having read political science. While at University he interned with a number of British members of parliament, taking on a full staff job following graduation. In that time he organised events, researched for speeches, events and correspondence. He also worked on the recent general election campaign to secure a conservative government in the UK. 

At university, Ben interned with 4 members of the British Parliament, and he would juggle numerous jobs in order to afford the costs of interning in London. Ben also ran the Birmingham Politics Society, welcoming numerous high profile visitors to the university and chairing political debates.

Following his graduation from the University of Birmingham in May 2014, Ben began working for Hon. Paul Uppal MP as a caseworker, events organizer and campaigner. In this capacity Ben organized and attended a number of meetings with senior government ministers, including the Prime Minister. Ben learned quickly that in order to be taken seriously at a young age he needed to dress to impress.

Following the defeat of his employer at the 2015 General Election, Ben now works as intern to Morton Blackwell at the Leadership Institute and intends to pursue a career in the UK Parliament as a researcher upon his return to the UK.

Working in such competitive and mature environments at a young age, Ben believes passionately in the power of first impressions and dressing for the job he wants, not the job he has. 


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