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Interns Learn from Successful Conservative Leaders at Conservative Intern Workshop
Interns Learn from Successful Conservative Leaders at Conservative Intern Workshop

Interns from across the conservative movement came to the Leadership Institute on June 21 for the Conservative Intern Workshop. 

The 94 interns who attended, representing the White House, Congress, FreedomWorks, Young American’s for Liberty, and more than 32 other organizations.  They learned how to make the most of their internships in DC beyond simply showing up to work every day.

These interns learned from Steve Sutton, the Leadership Institute’s Vice President of Development, about his method of impressing supervisors by understanding the philosophy and politics surrounding their roles.  Next, the Young Americans for Liberty Director of Mobilization Justin Greiss spoke about how to best highlight their experiences by writing clean and consistent resumes.  Justin also talked about the best way to communicate enthusiasm to potential employers by writing outstanding cover letters.

During lunch, participants networked with each other and learned about new organizations.  Dante Kari, an intern in the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School was especially excited to meet with other interns. “I met folks interning for conservative organizations I didn’t even know existed,” he said.

Next, the Leadership Institute’s Director of Digital Training, Abigail Alger...

The Leadership Institute’s Think Tank Opportunity Workshop
The Leadership Institute’s Think Tank Opportunity Workshop

On July 13 and 14, the Leadership Institute held the very first Think Tank Opportunity Workshop.  Eighty-six conservatives attended to learn how they can successfully build a career in this field. 

The workshop contributes to the Leadership Institute’s mission to increase the size and effectiveness of conservative activists because conservative think tanks are only effective in influencing public policy if they have principled conservatives, passionate about quality research, working for them.  

Following the workshop, feedback was overwhelmingly positive with one attendee remarking; “An excellent program with generous speakers and staff.  All speakers were willing to network with students involved and were very willing to invest in our futures!”

Due to the success of the Think Tank Opportunity Workshop, the Leadership Institute will be holding another on November 6 and 7, 2017.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Working for a Conservative Movement Abroad
5 Reasons You Should Consider Working for a Conservative Movement Abroad

You can probably recall a number of sobering moments in your life where you had the opportunity to either step up or retreat from a challenge. 

When I was 23, I moved to the United States from the UK to work for the Leadership Institute.  The prospect to work in the American conservative movement for an organization like LI, which is so pivotal, was an exciting one.

However exciting the opportunity, I remember the moment I arrived at my accommodation.  I put my cases down and froze.  It dawned on me that I had just quit my job, and left the security of my friends and family.  It was a scary prospect; but nine months later, I would recommend the experience to anybody.

Here are five reasons you should consider working for a conservative movement abroad.

When Your Work Life Becomes Your Personal Life
When Your Work Life Becomes Your Personal Life

When I think about the conservative movement, I realize many staff are close friends outside of work, and some even live in the same house.  We are a closely tied movement, and that is a good thing.

Within individual organizations, working alongside people you have strong relationships with means you are more likely to enjoy your job and collaborate on projects; it creates a positive working environment. 

But here are some things to consider when your work life and your personal life intertwine.

Make your own decisions  

Remember that you are responsible for the decisions you make at work.  If they are successful, then you take credit; if they are bad decisions, then you have to face the consequences.  In the latter circumstance, nothing would sting more than...