Halloween, Fear, and Public Speaking
Halloween, Fear, and Public Speaking

Halloween is fast approaching and everyone’s abuzz with excitement for the holiday -- costumes, haunted houses, and more!  For me, haunted houses and other such Halloween thrills rank on the same level as fear of public speaking.  

In fact, did you know that 75% of the world’s population fears speaking in front of an audience?  So, how can we help remedy this large and far-reaching...

Award winning month at Campus Reform
Award winning month at Campus Reform

The Leadership Institute's Campus Reform continues to be a roaring success as it celebrates an award-winning and record-breaking month. Three Campus Reform staff members received internal and external recognition of their excellent work.

The numbers alone are superb. So far in 2016, Campus Reform reports of liberal bias and abuse on college campuses created media pressure which resulted in 28 conservative campus victories.  Campus Reform staff and student contributors also discussed stories in television interviews 108 times, and...

New Overtime Rule is Dehumanizing

This op-ed was published on FoxNews.


Texas and 20 other states have announced a lawsuit to block the Obama Administration’s destructive overtime rules, which are slated to go into effect December 1, 2016. With less than 3-months to spare, victory in the case would save businesses and workers across the U.S. from this dehumanizing and economically damaging law.

According to the new rule, salaried workers earning below $47,476 per year must be paid time-and-a-half for work done in excess of forty hours per week. This is up from a previous salary threshold of $23,660. The rule promises more pay for working long hours, more money for lower-income employees and struggling families, and fewer hours for the same pay! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Unfortunately, that isn’t how it will work out in reality.

The Leadership Institute Welcomes Fall Class of Interns

Every fall interns from all across the world descend on Washington D.C. all looking to become the next generation of movers and shakers in the conservative movement.  

Many interns quickly realize the only moving and shaking they will be doing is from the office to the break room where they will shake the perfect amount of sugar into the bosses coffee.  While members of the Leadership Institute 99th Intern Class may be seen in the break room grabbing a cup of coffee, it's because they need all the energy they can get as they enter the battlefield and fight for conservative principles.

LI's 2016 Fall Field Representatives Deployed on Campuses in 38 States
LI's 2016 Fall Field Representatives Deployed on Campuses in 38 States

The Leadership Institute's 2016 fall field representatives are now deployed across the country on college campuses in 38 states.  This fall, they will work with students to build conservative coalitions on college campuses. They can provide your student group with everything from activism ideas to on-campus recruitment assistance. Be sure to...

Senator Jim Banks -- His Campaign's
Senator Jim Banks -- His Campaign's "Secret Weapon"

Jim Banks has shown a dedication to service throughout his life.  As a father of three, a state Senator, and a Navy Reservist, he has proven himself a strong and value-oriented leader.  

“There is a lot of pressure to go along with the majority sentiment, but I will not go back on the pledge I made to my constituents,” said Senator Banks.  

As the State Senator for the 17th district of Indiana, he has continually been a voice for conservative principles.  Next, he hopes to continue his service to Indiana as a member of Congress.  

While in the senate, Senator Banks has served on numerous committees, most notably the Senate Veteran Affairs and the Military committee.  He believes this experience, coupled with his military service, could provide a unique perspective to the Congressional Armed Services Committee if elected in the fall. 

Senator Banks fought in a hotly contested primary this spring due to the number of other well-funded candidates and the coinciding presidential nomination which drew in many more voters.  However, due to his knowledgeable volunteers (several Leadership Institute graduates) and lean campaign strategies, he was able get his message out and win the election. 

Another thing which helped now Senator Banks through the election was his family, which he referred to as the campaign’s “secret weapon.”

Digital Communications Workshop Fills F.M. Kirby Training Center
Digital Communications Workshop Fills F.M. Kirby Training Center

Without a doubt, one of the best perks of being a Leadership Institute intern is the convenience of high-demand classes like “Digital Communications Workshop: Email Marketing.”  

In one full day, I learned from presentations filled with information on email communication by top strategists in the field.

I left the workshop that day feeling like I could tackle the world of digital communications and I found myself using many of the tools I learned during the weeks of my summer internship. 

Recent graduate uses Leadership Institute skills to launch campaign in Washington, DC
Recent graduate uses Leadership Institute skills to launch campaign in Washington, DC

It is safe to say Ashley Carter stays busy as the Grassroots Director for Independent Women's Forum.  This role leads her around the country speaking on many vital topics, including the importance of women running for public office.  

In fact, the organization has recently expanded to 10 states where they advocate heavily for issues of importance to women and families.  Ashley covered these topics on a panel at the 2016 Republican National Convention. 

Now, Ashley Carter has announced her candidacy for... 

Technology team works daily to keep programs running

Leadership Institute summer intern Parker Johnson relays the importance of an effective technology team.

Conservatives Learn Data Skills for Campaigns
Conservatives Learn Data Skills for Campaigns

Early this summer, I was among 40 students who attended the Leadership Institute’s first-ever Campaign Data Workshop.

Many of the students’ own campaign experiences shone through during a group exercise which provided an opportunity to create questions to identify potential voters. 

Laughter, discussion, and flying pens brought a sense of camaraderie as attendees... 

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